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Monday, November 22, 2021

Ancient Australasian signal found in South American natives

A paper published earlier this year(Deep genetic affinity between coastal Pacific and Amazonian natives evidenced by Australasian ancestry. Marcos Araújo Castro e Silva, et al. PNAS April 6, 2021 118 (14) e2025739118;, suggest that the very early or even the earliest people to reach South America carried a genetic component that is not found in North or Central America, and that is linked to a "Y Population" the genetic signal inherited from this group (called "Y" after "Ypikuéra" or "ancestral" in Tupi language") is only found among Australasian people.

The paper reports that the Y-population signal originally found among Amazonian Amerindians is also found in natives from other parts of Brazil, and also in the Pacific coastal population of South America.

The authors write: "The best-fitted model showed that the Pacific coast is a mixed group of South American ancestry and a small non-American contribution associated with a sister branch of Onge, as also observed for Karitiana and Suruí. They suggest that the presence of this signal on the Pacific coast suggests that the original population reached the area following a coastal route.

The Onge are people that live in the Andaman islands, in the Bay of Bengal, dark skinned isolated people... and they are linked to South American natives.

Did they land in North America and Mesoamerica and die out? Did they bypass the northern part of the Americas and settle in the South?. The lack of this signal in the northern part of the continent is not explained in the paper.

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