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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Phoenician symbol at Lake Puelo, Chubut, Argentina

An unusual symbol ⵣ (Yaz) found in Patagonia. A link to Phoenicians?
See Index on all my posts on Phoenicians in America.
Phoenician symbol Lake Puelo, Patagonia
Phoenician symbol found at Lake Puelo, Chubut, Patagonia.
Adapted by Austin Whittall from [3]

The location of Lake Puelo is shown in the following map:

Lake puelo map, Phoenician symbol location
Map of Lake Puelo showing possible location of the Phoenician rock carving.
Copyright © 2011 by Austin Whittall

In previous posts I pointed out a symbol that appeared in several stones supposedly carved by “Phoenicians”, which were found in the Patagonian province of Chubut in the early 1900s.

The symbol is the following: .

Although it looks like a drawing of a person (anthropomorphic), it is actually a letter, known as "YAZ", which sounds like our letter "Z", and belongs to the ancient Tifinagh alphabet of North Africa.

It appears in Patagonia, as can be seen in the following composite image:

"Yaz" symbol of North African Punic origin, depicted at several Patagonian locations. Copyright © 2011 by Austin Whittall

The images [a], [b] and [e] are part of some strange "Tehuelche" sculptures said to have a Phoenician style or influence.
Image [c] was painted on a rock wall in Neuqueén province, probably Tehuelche or Mapuche. [2]
Image [d] is from the Museo Etnográfico UNBA, it is a small Leather bag painted red and blue (I omitted the crosses that are in between the Yaz symbol.

Phoenician not ET

While browsing the Internet I came upon a website (Reference [3] below) that deals with the paranormal (UFOs and that sort of stuff), something that I am definitively not into. However, something caught my eye, the YAZ symbol.

The book deals with some strange extraterrestrials, the Ummites. If you are into the extravagantly unusual paranormal junk, check out this site Ummo, Ummite physics and metaphysics it is, literally (ha, ha) "out of this world". It is decorated with the ⵣ symbol as its favicon (the one that appears in the browser tab).

Among all the concocted fantasies in the book [3], the image appeared, in relation to Patagonian rock art. Which naturally drew my attention.

The text does not mention a word, but the photograph's caption says the following: "sign engraved in granite. Stone found close to Lake Puelo, in Argentina. The relief may have been sculpted by the native Indians of the area (Mapuches, Tehuelches, Araucanos) [Araucano and Mapuche are the same people! so much for accuracy]..." [3]

It attributes the image to Sergio Oscar Rinaldi's work published (?) in 1984. No references given so I can't trace the source. The image gives some details which I included above: it was found in 1906 some 6 leagues (30 km roughly 18 miles) south of the lake by a local farm hand.

On where the stone was found, in what circumstances, where it is now, no information is given.


This is the region where the "plesiosaur lake" is located.

Further reading on the ⵣ "yaz" symbol and more here on "yaz"!


[1] Image from fig. 30. of Los Cueros pintados Tehuelches.
[2] Image Source.
[3] Planeta Benitez, excerpt from the book: Benitez, J. J., El hombre que susurraba a los Ummitas. pp. 218.

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1 comment:

  1. Ha ha ha, I first saw this symbol crudely hand drawn on a UFO photo in a book! Then I recognized it as petroglyphs all over America, and said "how funny" to myself," it's that UFO symbol";
    Then it is in Anthony L. Peratt (December 2003). "Characteristics for the Occurrence of a High-Current, Z-Pinch Aurora as Recorded in Antiquity". Ieee Transactions on Plasma Science. 31 (6): 1192–1214.
    As petroglyphs from all over the World!
    Now I was reading about Phoenicians in America, and voilà it's a yaz symbol in Patagonia :-)


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