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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Creatures at the Reloncavi Fjord area


Reloncavi is not a lake, but a deep arm of the South Pacific Ocean 60 km long [37 mi.] that winds among the Andes (41°41’ S, 72°26’ W) and receives the flow of several mountain rivers born on its western flanks such as the Manso and Puelo rivers.

Apparently local folk, Tito Bahamonde and his wife Amandina Velázquez that live by Lake Vidal Gormaz(41°29’ S, 71°56’ W) have seen a “‘monster’ that supposedly lives in the lake”.[1]

Close by, at Lake de Las Rocas (42°02’ S, 71°05’ W), there have also been reports about a lake creature but no description has been given.[2]

reloncavi fjord area

Map of the Reloncavi Area. Lakes mentioned in this post are marked with a red arrow.

In 1995 there was a sighting at Lake Tagua-Tagua (41°41’ S, 72°07’ W), into which flows Puelo River and is downstream from the famous plesiosaur “Black Lake”. A local, Carlos Pinto traveling in a motor boat upstream, came across an animal swimming in the same direction, that had “the head of a little foal, with a shiny hide and a short rigid mane” he moved aside to let it by because its wake nearly overturned his boat; swimming fast, it soon left him behind.[2]

There was yet another sighting by Pinto’s aunt, who lives by Tagua-Tagua. She had a pregnant mare that one day seemed to have given birth; she began “to neigh, and an animal like a small foal appeared which had feet like those of a duck […] and it walked like a duck”.

This ‘colt’ began to “molt its fur like through a wounding its back [it then] went towards the river that goes into the lake and disappeared” the mare neighed as if calling the foal.[2]

The woman took this strange animal to be the foal, but it could be likely that it was a predator that had captured the foal and taken it to the lake to eat it.[2]


[1] De Giácomo, A., Personal communication, May 15, 2008. Also see his blog entry dated 08.03.2007.
[2] Online Here

Author's comment: My apologies to any Jewish readers for my inclusion of this last site ([2]) as a reference. This source belongs to a Chilean neo-nazi "political party" which promotes antisemitism, which I repudiate. Neo-nazism is repugnant and offensive and event though they disguise their perverted ideas, they promote intolerance and hate, which is against my moral values. I have only included it because of the information on the Tagua Tagua creature.

Just remember what hate did to mankind between 1933 and 1945. All the millions of innocent people murdered due to insane ideas.

For those who due to ignorance deny the Holocaust or Shoah, or those really interested in learning more about this tragic event: The Nizcor Project and also: Yad Vashem The Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Authority.


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  1. In "Secret Cities of South America",(still available from Amazon) the late Harold T Wilkins wrote a whole chapter about dinosaurs living today in South America, as described amongst others by Colonel P H Fawcett, DSO,FRGS in a lecture before the Royal Geographical Society in London (1911). German and American intelligence sources during World War II also mentioned sea-serpents in the North Atlantic and some pre-historic flying creatures, like the Pterodactyls, living on islands in the Bashee channel (near the PHilippines). It could well be, that some pre-historic creatures have escaped annihilation or destruction by the so-called Cretaceaus-Paleogene Event and are still living (albeit in a slight modified form) amongst us, especially in the Roosevelt-Goyaz plateau between the Serra de Roncador and Serra do Tombador (52-56 degrees longitude West and 10-15 degrees latitude South. See also reports by Captain Charles Stewart Cochrane RN (1825)and Baron Friedrich Alexander von Humboldt.According to John Ranking in "Historical Research concerning the Conquest of Peru"(1827) mastodons are still living in the Andes.

    1. Thank you for your comments. By the way, Ranking's book is quite interesting and can be read in full online here:
      Google Books.

  2. It is difficult to PROOF the existance of monsters like that. Although Nessie, the monster of Loch Ness, has been "photographed" several times, it is not a concrete proof for the scientific community nor the media to accept that as 100% evidence, as many photos nowadays are faked and put on the internet. However, I do believe that there is a real photo somewhere, and I think J.C.Johanson took one or more of the Congo monster in Africa in September 1932. If we can find these photographs, that could be a proof that those pre-historic monsters are still with us today!


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