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Friday, May 8, 2015

A Denisovan Bracelet?

A very short and interesting (I hope) post: Denisovan stone bracelet, oldest ever found the article with many photographs says that in the Denisova Cave, in the same level where the Denisovan "pinky" was found, the team led by Dr Derevyanko the delicate remains of the oldest bracelet in the world, and it must have been made 40,000 years ago, by Densiovans. A ring was also found, but no details were given.

the image below is from the article:

denisovan bracelet

"In the same layer, where we found a Denisovan bone, were found interesting things; until then it was believed these the hallmark of the emergence of Homo sapiens,' he said. 'First of all, there were symbolic items, such as jewellery - including the stone bracelet as well as a ring, carved out of marble." said Dr. Derevyanko.

Clearly these Denisovans were no brutes, the skill required to work the green marble (imported from a distant site) is something you'd expect from a modern Homo sapiens.

It makes you wonder about who they were, and what were they like....

Another image, showing a reconstruction:

Denisovan bracelet

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  1. Well, my 23andMe results are back... and it seems I am 45% Denisovan.
    Huh. Well' I'm gonna go out and have a drink.

  2. Well, my 23AndMe results are in, and it seems I'm approx 47% Denisovan!

    Geez... Well, I'm gonna go out and have a drink.

  3. Fascinating that these humans were fashioning items such as these in this area while contemporary humans in other locales were not able to produce such works.
    Also, I enjoy this blog immensely. I look every day.

    1. Thank you for your encouraging comment!
      Yes, indeed it seems very carefully crafted, those Denisovans were very "advanced".

    2. I just posted a comment on finding mousterian type artifacts in Pike County Alabama.
      I am in my mid 40s. I have collected artifacts since my youth. I'm not formally schooled in archeology. I'm in a chemist and environmental compliance career. That being said, I'm outside the "box".
      I've always thought these some of these stone tools I found were much less refined and I accepted the explanation of a gradual advancement in flaking technology by the same people.
      It appears now that a plausible alternative explanation is almost at hand.
      I am inclined to think these archaic looking stone tools I find could have possibly been made by an archaic human.
      Maybe archaic fossil crania discoveries older than 50,000 years in North America, especially in Alabama, would bear this out.


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