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Saturday, February 15, 2014

More on the Paracas mtDNA bunkum

Reading about the "amazing" discovery of the very odd DNA allegedly found in the Paracas (elongated) skulls people, I was prompted to write a mini post today.

A blogger posted: "he samples collected consisted of hair, tooth, skull and bone skin. Apparently, the process was documented via photos and video. The samples were given to the geneticist, who was not given any information about where they came from...".

The above was written to give the impression that the samples were sent to an unbiased geneticist who had no idea of where these samples came from and therefore analysed them impartially. Well, that is NOT THE CASE.

As you can see in a previous post on this subject, the samples were sent to the late Lloyd Pye, founder of the Starchild Project.

The "Project" is (please check their website out focused on proving that the "Star Child" is a child from the stars. That is, it has alien (extraterrestrial) genes. Yes, it is really absurd. But let their website defend their case:

"This is not unheard of, nor impossible, but it is a significant indicator that something about the Starchild is not entirely human. It strongly suggests that some aspects of the Starchild's DNA might not be found on Earth at all! Again, this is not absolute proof. We need many additional readings through modern sequencing machines to confirm it. However, we take this initial partial result as a strong indication that the Starchild is not entirely human."

This is really amazingly, how can I write this nicely? Well, I can't, it is hogwash, hot air, not true, false, lies.

I do believe that in our amazing Universe there are countless intelligent species currently alive and kicking in their own stellar systems. What I do not belive is that they took some super duper space warp starship to come to Earth and impregnate the locals with their Star-genes to create Star-Children.

Google the late Lloyd Pye and find out that: "Lloyd Anthony Pye Jr. (September 7, 1946 – December 9, 2013) was an American author and paranormal researcher best known for his promotion of the Starchild skull. He claimed it was the relic of a human-alien hybrid, although DNA testing showed it to be from a human male. He also promoted the ideas that cryptozoological creatures such as Bigfoot were real and that aliens intervened to create life on Earth."

I am an open minded person, but such conjectures require proof, and sound proof, peer reviewed.

This is the guy they sent the Paracas samples to! An unbiased researcher? I don't think so.

Then he sent them to another unbiased "researcher", Melba Ketchum according to Doubtful News. However Breian Foerster, who is the "Assistant Director" of the "Paracas Museum" (I wonder what are his kudos for such a position), and author of several books on the Paracas skulls, tour guide to their burial places and firm supporter of the notion that they are "aliens"... has threatened legal action against Sharon Hill (of Doubtful News) and directly denied the involvement of Melba Ketchum in a wishy washy way: Now he says he is working with her on this project, but that she didn’t work on the samples in question. Maybe a colleague at her "institution"? What standards were used? How can we ascertain that rigurous rules were followed?

In my humble opinion all of this is show biz, not science. And anything coming from Ketchum's laboratory should be well scrutinized by many geneticists and validated (just see her Bigfoot DNA paper), because sciens is all about other people cross-checking and confirming your findings... I lived through the Cold Fusion Fiasco in 1989!

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