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Monday, January 13, 2014

Slow proto-amerindians

The attempt to justify a late date for the peopling of America has, In my opinion, distorted the data.

For instance, the speed at which humans marched out of Africa seeking new horizons was very variable. They advanced very slowly across Asia and Austronesia but rushed across America.

As you can see, below and in the map further down, there are some very weird "speed" gradients for the advance for the groups that peopled America:

  • It took 50,000 years to get from the first station out of Africa (in the Gulf, i.e. Kuwait) to Australia
  • It took 55,000 years to get from Bangladesh to Beringia
  • It ONLY took 15,000 years to go from Beringia to Tierra del Fuego

But the distances in America are much larger than those in Asia.

In other words they walked slowly all the way to Australia and Beringia and then, suddenly got this internal urge to go more than 3 times faster to cover the Americas.

There is something not quite right here!

  • From Kuwait to Northern Australia it is roughly... 11,000 km (6,840 mi).
  • From Bangladesh to Bering it is: 9,500 km (5.900 mi).
  • From Bering to Tierra del Fuego (along the coast): 18,800 km (11,680 mi).

The relative speeds are therefore:

  • To Australia: 200 m/year (655 feet/year) Roughly two blocks a year.
  • To Beringia: 172 m/year (564 feet/year).
  • To America: 1,200 m/year (3,934 feet/year).

Rushing into America

After reaching Bangladesh, they slowed down on their way to Beringia, and then rushed into America 7.2 times faster than all previous migrations?.

Well, population built up at a higher rate so there were more people able to move, that could explain it. Well, it took 60,000 years to people Europe. Why was America occupied so quickly?.

It does not make sense. Let's work it backwards, from Tierra del Fuego to Beringia at 564 feet/year (172 m/year) would mean that if the Fuegians arrived 12 Kya, then they left Beringia: 18,800 km /0.172 km/year = 109 Kya.

That is a very long time indeed, it means that the Bangladeshis left 109 + 55 Kya = 164 Kya, and those in Kuwait were there some... 194 Kya.

This is reasonable and means that the Out of Africa migrants left long before the date proposed by current theories.

The map (adapted from the Internet):

out of africa

Mankind timeline out of Africa. Copyright © 2014 by Austin Whittall

So instead of the "slow proto-Amerindians" marching slowly across Asia and then, once they are Amerindians, rushing across the New World, I understand all should have marched at the same pace.

The distortions that incorrect theories cause, which should be simplified by accepting the facts and making a better theory (i.e. recall Ptolemaeus and Copernicus)...

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  1. Actually a paper by Perego states: "... indicate that the Paleo-Indian spread along the entire longitude of the American double continent might have taken even <2000 yr."
    So the paleoindians occupied all of America in less than 2000 years.
    read here:
    Rapid coastal spread of First Americans: Novel insights from South America's Southern Cone mitochondrial genomes
    Martin Bodner, Ugo A. Perego, [...], and Walther Parson

  2. Actually I believe that the paper mentioned above tries to fit in early amerindian sites in South America ca. 15 kya with a late peopling of the continent, therefore 15 + 2 kya to get to the southern tip =17 kya for entry via Beringia.
    Thus saving the orthodox timeframe.


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