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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lake Vichuquen - lake of the week

lake of the week

Lake Vichuquen, Chile
Lake Vichuquen, Chile. From [2]

Lako Vichuquen is a shallow body of water (35 m deep - 115 ft.) , with a surface area of 40 km2 (15.6 sq.mi.) and barely 18 m (60 ft.) above sea level.

Its water is slightly salty and tepid, it is surrounded by pine forests.

The lake's name is a combination of the Mapuche words vilu = snake and lafquen = lake. It is the lake of the snake. Apparently the name is due to the lake's long and winding shape.

It measures about 8 km long (5 mi.) and not more than 2 km wide (1.2 mi.), it is located beyond Patagonia's northern tip, in Chile (34°50' S, 72°05' W).

It flows into the Pacific Ocean through a 6 km (3.8 mi.) long river by the town and port of Llico.

In this lake, according to Plath there is an enormous monster whose body is white and transparent, that appears on full mooon nights.[1]


[1] Plath, Orestes, (1973). Geografía del mito y la leyenda chilenos. Ed. Nascimiento.

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